100% Linen Bedskirt Dust Ruffle -SPECIAL ORDER

4-6 weeks
Tailored from thick upholstery weight linen that hangs beautifully. Simple, no fuss installation. Artisanal quality without compromise. Pre-washed and ready to enjoy:
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Linen Bed Skirts and Dust Ruffles

Linoto’s exquisite 100% linen bed skirts and dust ruffles are thoughtfully designed and expertly measured, cut, and sewn by our artisan craftsmen. Our linen bed skirts are constructed using substantial upholstery-weight linen and a tailored hotel-style with box pleat corners. Each bed skirt is made in the USA by Linoto. Before ordering, please measure from the top of your box spring or platform to the floor and choose a 9” to 24” drop. When your Linoto linen bed skirt arrives, you’ll notice that it’s soft, freshly washed, and ready to be used. Each of our luxurious 100% linen bed skirts and dust ruffles are washed in a non-toxic, non-petroleum based biodegradable laundry soap before they are folded and promptly shipped.


Choose Yes, I need pleated corners (as photographed) if: 

Your box spring is supported from below and there is no part of the bed frame such a post or side rail or foot rail that would prevent the bed skirt from falling freely to the floor on all sides of the bed. In this case there will be inverted box pleats at the corner left and corner right foot of the bed (as photographed).

Choose No, I need corner slits with open corners if:

There is some part of your bed frame such as a side rail or foot board, wrought iron rail or post that would prevent the bed skirt from otherwise falling freely. The slit will allow the side panels of the skirt and the foot panel of the skirt to fall freely and independently from one another.  Only choose this option if you would like a bed skirt with open corners. 


Linoto linen bed skirts are made to measure, SPECIAL ORDER and cannot be returned or exchanged.