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Why Do Pets Love Linen?

Posted by Linoto on 15th Nov 2021

Coming home from a long day of work to cuddle with your four-legged friend is one of the best ways to unwind. No matter how bad your day may have been, they are always happy to see you and give you co … read more

The Best Linen Sheets. An Education by Linoto

Posted by Linoto on 30th Oct 2018

Linen enthusiasts tend to be very educated consumers. Since 2007, Linoto has developed relationships with a number of the very best linen mills in Italy, Belgium and Ireland and has shipped more th … read more

An up close look at the Linoto quilted coverlet

Posted by Linoto on 30th Mar 2018

The Linoto linen quilted coverlet in the organic Belgian linen from Libeco. These beautiful quilts take many hours to make. There is just no faking the good stuff. This natural linen bedspread is not … read more

Linoto visits an Italian linen supplier

Posted by Linoto on 21st Mar 2018

Behind the scenes at a small family-owned linen mill an hour from Milan. We drove into the countryside to meed up with one of our suppliers. It is incredible just how simple and just how manual the en … read more

​Two Flat sheets VS Fitted sheets

Posted by Linoto on 13th Mar 2018

There is a romantic idea about using and rotating two extra-large flat sheets instead of a fitted sheet. The idea is that by rotating you get more longevity from your sheets. But what is overlooked is … read more