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Organic Bedding: 3 Benefits You Can Enjoy

5th Oct 2015

These days, customers are on the lookout for products made from natural, organic materials. With the new trend, industries are looking for new materials to put in their products that are natural … read more

Sleep Cool, Sleep Better

Posted by Linoto on 16th Jul 2015

Did you know that sleeping in a cool, dry environment helps you sleep better? This is backed up by the findings of new research published in The New York Times. Please note: you may need to create a l … read more

Linoto Santorini Duvet Cover

Posted by Linoto on 16th Jul 2015

Linoto linen is relaxed, soft, and cool to the touch. See how the fabric moves, falls, and drapes. This is a truly special artisanal product that is cut and sewn by hand in our New York workshop. … read more

The Truth About Thread Count: Linen Vs. Cotton

Posted by Linoto on 5th Jun 2015

For those unfortunate people who have never experienced the comfort of sleeping on linen sheets or thought of linen as a fabric for bedding, the first question is almost always about thread count. … read more
Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

Posted by Linoto on 3rd Jun 2015

Thanks for visiting the linoto blog. Our site launched on Monday, June 25th 2007. We're really excited to offer beautiful, artisanal quality 100% real linen sheets that are made in the USA in New York … read more