Effortlessly Crinkled: Why Is the Rumpled Linen Look So Popular?

Posted by Linoto on 11th Jan 2022

You have probably seen the rumpled linen bedding sets trending all over social media and design blogs. What gives? Why do people all of a sudden love the look of a messy, unmade bed? We have the answer.

Rumpled linen is the newest fad in home design and interior style. People are switching from flawlessly smooth sheets to rumpled linen sets. There are many cool traits that rumpled linen brings to a room, including convenience.

Making Your Bed Has Never Been Easier

One of the reasons rumpled linen has gained so much popularity is because it takes the painstaking perfection out of making your bed in the morning.

Nobody enjoys stretching every fiber of the sheets across a queen-sized mattress or tucking in every edge of the comforter. Rumpled linen is effortlessly casual but still provides a put-together appearance for your bed.

With rumpled linen, you don’t have to spend as much time making it look perfect. You can throw your comforter over the bed and be done with it. The fabric is supposed to look messy, so you won’t be faulted for leaving a half-made-up bed within view of your guests.

Rumpled linen is a trendy, messy, casual fabric that saves you time in the morning.

Rumpled Linen Looks Comfier

Have you ever seen a perfectly fluffed, tossed comforter with crinkled sheets? It looks like a bed made for royalty. This is why rumpled linen attracts people looking for sophistication and comfort all in one fabric.

A bed looks more enticing if it appears lived-in and comfortable; rumpled linen provides this look without being overly sloppy.

Next time you feel like jumping into a gently-used, well-loved bed, ask yourself: would this be so inviting if it were smooth and tight? The hotel-style appearance of sheets drawn tight and comforters perfectly tucked is slowly phasing out of interior design. Out with the smooth cotton, in with the rumpled linen!

It Adds an Air of Elegance

Rumpled linen is simultaneously stylish and casual and pristinely beautiful. High-end designers are moving towards rumpled linen as a staple for catalog bedrooms and hotel hideaways. The duality of linen’s appearance and texture make it a versatile fabric.

On one hand, the rumpled linen look gives a room a homey feel with touches of familiarity and casual comfort. On the other hand, rumpled linen can look intentionally carved from the stone of elegance. Most staples in the world of design are neutral, simple, and slightly different from the rest of the popular collections.

Rumpled linen gives just that: the staple design effect. It can be added to neutral rooms, thrown into a fancy space to tone down the colors, and most importantly, it can be used in the everyday person’s home.

If you are looking for the perfect universal fabric that effortlessly transforms a room, rumpled linen is the one for you. Linen is made from breathable, natural fibers that take the cake for being some of the most comfortable, trendy bedding materials out there.