Linoto Linen Dinner Napkins

Posted by Linoto on 17th Sep 2016

Linoto linen napkins are a sturdy and elegant solution for cooking, cleaning and dining. 

Chef's Secret

For the active chef, they are the workhorse of the kitchen. These napkins are ideal for washing, drying, straining, and quick cleanups- providing an excellent alternative to wasteful paper towels. Present your artisanal breads or a pastry spread with old-world charm. Any color works, but we love Flax and Oatmeal. Serving red wine? Try the malbec color.

Hanging Helpers

Hang your napkins from the convenient label loop in the kitchen. 

Refined Dining

In the dining room, nothing is as sophisticated as linen napkins, especially when pressed. They're soft, absorbent, stain-resistant and made to last for years. For a polished presentation at the dinner table, fold each corner to it’s opposite corner then slip the 2 corner points with no label through the label loop. Matching Linen tablecloths are also available here. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is a perfect time for some practical elegance.