Why Choose Italian Linen? 4 Reasons It’s the Best

Posted by Linoto on 7th Dec 2021

If you’re in the market for linen, being a conscious customer is a crucial part of the shopping process. Having a discerning eye will do you a world of good, as many of the cheap linen selections you’ll find online are mass-produced in subpar working conditions with inferior fibers.

In fact, some of the linens you’ll find on popular websites might even be a polyester blend, providing the aesthetic of linen fabric but not the feel. The best quality linen comes from Italy, and that’s not just because of its name.

Quality of Flax

We want the best raw materials for our sheets and use the highest percentage of long-staple fibers, so we get the flax for our linens from the best mills in Italy. Because of their strength, they produce a linen fabric that is durable while maintaining its softness.

Our products have sustainable benefits, as well. Flax requires very little water to grow, so farmers do not need to irrigate as often or use fertilizers. Additionally, growing flax doesn’t typically require using pesticides or herbicides.

Very little of the plant goes to waste. Each part of the plant has a purpose, including the seeds. Linen has a long lifespan, so you won’t require new sheets soon. But when you do, linen is biodegradable.

Family and Community Owned Mills

The mills we source our flax from are family and community-owned plants in Italy. They are committed to handcrafting and personally seeing every detail while producing their flax. These Italian craftsmen also manage the color creation process, which involves weaving together different colors to create a beautiful new yarn-dyed hue.

Easy to Clean

Linen is an amazing fabric because it has a simple cleaning and drying process. It is a great textile to use for making sheets because of how often bedding should be washed. You can wash the linen on a gentle cycle in your washing machine and then simply leave it to air-dry.

When cleaning your linens at home, keep these tips in mind for proper handling:

  • Avoid hot water to prevent damage to the fibers or shrinkage
  • Do not twist or scrub linen to prevent damaged fibers
  • Using bleach on the fabric could cause discoloration
  • Use a low heat setting to dry linen and remove while they are slightly damp

Regular maintenance on linen fabric will help it retain a fresh feeling for years to come.

Flax Is Hypoallergenic and Breathable

Italian flax is moisture-resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable, making it a highly desirable choice for linens. Hypoallergenic materials are beneficial for a person’s skin, especially when they suffer from allergies or have sensitive, reactive skin.

Breathable linen helps regulate a person’s body temperature better than other materials. It makes a difference in how a person may sleep at night and is why our Italian linen is a go-to choice for your bedsheets.

The bottom line is that when you choose Italian linen, it will make your sheets last longer. Purchasing Italian sheets from Linoto will help support small businesses like ours.

Our linens are sourced from family-owned Italian Mills, but we manufacture our products right here in New York. We have a small team and ethical working conditions that produce less waste, and most importantly, a product you can trust.