Belgian eco-Linen Flat Sheet

3-4 weeks
Sourced from some of the finest mills in Italy and Belgium. Made in USA. Smooth, sturdy, artisanal quality without compromise. Pre-washed and ready to enjoy:
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100% linen Belgian linen flat sheet made from the finest long-staple Belgian linen. Made in USA by Linoto

Linen: It just feels right.

Linoto's linen sheets are hand-made in the USA from the world's finest quality long staple linen. The surface is supremely smooth, cool, and lustrous, making them our highest quality eco-luxury product. You're guaranteed to enjoy the best sleep of your life on real linen sheets that stay crisp, cool, soft and dry. Beautiful Linoto Belgian eco-linen flat sheets provide year round comfort, elegance, and simplicity. No ironing or dry cleaning is necessary. And you can rest easily knowing your stylish eco-linen sheets were manufactured responsibly. The flax is farmed without irrigation, then dew-retted rather than chemically softened, and the minimal final finishing stage is virtually chemical free. In farming, in manufacturing and in use, all linen requires significantly less water and power when compared to cotton. 

Linoto linen bedding arrives soft, washed, and ready to be used. All of our 100% linen sheets are washed twice in a non-toxic, non-petroleum based, biodegradable laundry soap, then folded and promptly shipped. Every linen bedding purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee* and free shipping within the contiguous USA.

Why is this linen designated "Eco linen" ?
Unlike most linen fabric, this incredible flax is dew-retted. This means, in agricultural terms, that the flax that is eventually spun into eco-linen is broken down naturally with rainwater and morning dew rather than with chemicals and large quantities of water which speed up the process. Eco linen is pesticides free.
Eco linen contains no chemical softening agents
"Natural" color linen sheets are unbleached, dye-free raw linen.

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