Flax House Helper Treeless Linen Towels
Flax House Helper Treeless Linen Towels
Santorini House Helper Treeless Linen Towels
Graphite House Helper Treeless Linen Towels
Ivory House Helper Treeless Linen Towels

House Helper Treeless Linen Towels

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As part of Linoto's Zero Waste Program initiative, Treeless Linen Towels are made from the unusable sections that also make our linen products. These towels are strong, absorbent and incredibly useful household helpers. Size and color availability will vary but all  towels measure approximately 15" square. They can be washed using hot water. Chlorine bleach is not recommended. The towels are an eco-friendly and economical paper towel alternative made entirely from biodegradable natural linen. Consider that the average household spends $250-$300 per year on paper towels which contributes to the destruction of more than 50,000 trees per day. Here are just a few of the uses:

  • Dry dishes
  • Dry fruits and vegetables
  • Serve breads and pastries
  • Use as dinner napkins
  • Use as place mats
  • Cover cooling baked goods
  • Cover exposed foods
  • Clean up spills
  • Line the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean floors and baseboards
  • Use as a handkerchief
  • Use as a hiking and camping towel
  • Take to the gym
  • Take for a run
  • Use as cleaning rags
  • Use for pet baths
  • Clean dog paws
  • Great as an inexpensive gift

Please note that this product may not match existing stock for our products. We do not recommend purchasing this product to compare against current stock colors or fabric quality. These are scraps from many items we have made over the last 15 years and  may not exactly match existing stock in our main product lines. 


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