Organic Linen Quilted Linen Coverlet

6-8 weeks
Sourced from some of the finest mills in Italy and Belgium. Made in USA. Smooth, sturdy, artisanal quality without compromise. Pre-washed and ready to enjoy:
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Organic Coverlets

Each luxurious Linoto Organic Linen Quilted Coverlet is crafted from certified organic linen from Belgium. OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION PENDING. This organic coverlet is a magnificent blanket that captures linen’s natural beauty and displays the expert workmanship Linoto is known for. This remarkably soft quilted linen coverlet is made from 100% natural fibers and is filled with several layers of thick, unbleached American-made cotton fill. Upon request, we can fill your linen bed coverlet with a combination of cotton and wool for a bit of extra warmth. Because wool makes for a very warm blanket, please only consider wool if you live in a cold climate. Regardless of its filling, you’ll be surprised by the substantial weight and exceptional comfort of Linoto quilted linen. No insert or additional duvet is required to use this quilted organic coverlet. These blankets are easy to care for: simply machine wash and tumble dry. Each coverlet is made in the USA by Linoto in our New York workshop.