How Organic Linen Sheet Sets Can Improve Sleep Quality

26th Oct 2015

Organic and natural products are fast becoming one of the biggest trends in home decor, and for plenty of good reasons. Not only are organic products beneficial for the planet, helping to support a more responsible ecosystem and sustainable environment, they’re also good for consumers themselves.

Organic fabrics, such as our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic Belgian linen sheet sets, are made without any synthetic materials, without harsh chemicals, and without any GMO products. That means that in addition to the ecological benefits, organic sheets might also help you get a better night’s rest with the right blend of comfort and serenity. Here are some of the perks of organic linen that will help you sleep in peace:

Linoto organic linen sheet set (natural)

  1. Linen sheets will keep you warm on cold nights

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends that your bedroom environment should consistently hover around 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night for optimal sleeping conditions. Whether you live in a hot, cool, or seasonal climate, you want bed sheets that will keep your body temperature comfortably within that frame, no matter the weather outside. Linen is one of the most thermally versatile fabrics there is, with a heat conductivity rating five times that of wool and 19 times that of silk for warming up those cold winter nights.

  2. Linen sheets will keep you cool and comfy on hot nights

    On the other hand, linens are also shown to maintain a cooler body temperature than either silk or cotton during warm weather conditions, by a difference of about three to four degrees Celsius (approximately five to seven degrees Fahrenheit).

  3. Linen sheets are naturally sourced

    Linen is made from linseed, also known as flaxseed, a natural fiber that grows in many temperate climates throughout the globe. In fact, linen is one of the oldest known textiles in history, having been made and used by humans specifically as a sleeping fabric for more than 1,000 years. Some ancient civilizations even valued linen as much as they did precious metals and stones. Today, many of the materials for our linens are sourced from organic flax farmers in Belgium, long considered home to the most ideal soil conditions for linseed cultivation anywhere in the world.

  4. Linen sheets are durable

    Unlike many other types of sheets made of synthetic materials, linen actually becomes stronger the more you wash it. The strength of linen and flax increases by about 20% when wet, so that you can machine wash your bedsheets in warm water as often as you like or need. This strength and durability means that you will get a longer, more useful life from your bedding when you invest in high-quality organic linens.

  5. Linen sheets are hygienic

    It’s also worth noting that around 75% of people surveyed said that they sleep better when their sheets smell fresh -- so feel free to wash away for that just-cleaned aroma and a good night’s rest.

  6. Linen sheets are gentle on skin

    Considering that we will spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping in bed, the fabrics we use can no doubt have a measurable impact on the health of our skin. Using organic linens to wrap the outside of your body boasts the same benefits as eating organic foods to nourish the inside of your body: they’re free of potentially harmful chemicals or additives that are unnatural for human consumption. Many of the chemical additives commonly used to produce and treat non-organic fibers, for instance, can cause skin irritation or even allergic reactions, especially in children. While all sleepers might rest a little easier knowing that their sheets are free of toxins, people with allergies or eczema might especially notice a difference after switching to an all-organic sheet set.

  7. Linen sheets are just the best!

    Linen sheets have won hearts and beds around the world for years, and for good reason. As Apartment Therapy reports, “ The weightiness and softness is luxurious but not stuffy or stifling. And better yet, it's the first type of bedding that is equally pleasing to both my husband— basically a warm blooded space-heater— and me— someone who is always freezing.”

Consciously purchasing organic products is crucial for supporting a sustainable ecosystem and ensuring the viability of our earth’s precious resources for generations to come. When you choose organic, you choose to support socially and environmentally responsible businesses and production methods. From sheets to shams and duvets to blankets, our 100% organic linen bedding is proudly made in the U.S.A. with certified organic linen imported directly from Belgium. That itself might be enough to help you sleep better at night.

Yet at the same time, organic products also have enormous potential personal benefits. You can still feel good about your purchase on a social level while also enjoying the improved sleep quality you’ll get with organic linen sheets. Organic bedding can help you sleep better by keeping you comfortable, clean, and well-protected throughout the night to recharge you for your days. Rest easy knowing that your sheets are good for the planet and good for your health. Make the switch to organic linen sheet sets and you’ll notice the difference, every night.