Organic Bedding: 3 Benefits You Can Enjoy

5th Oct 2015

These days, customers are on the lookout for products made from natural, organic materials. With the new trend, industries are looking for new materials to put in their products that are naturally produced. Included in that trend is the newest style of bedding: organic linen sheet sets. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider switching out your old sheet set for a new set made of natural, organic materials.

Control Allergies
Unlike other bedding sets, which use harsh chemicals and dyes that can irritate the skin, organic linen sheet sets use only natural materials. Organic materials are less harsh on the skin, which can greatly reduce symptoms of allergy such as a red, itchy rash. Due to their gentle nature, organic sheet sets are recommended for babies and children, who are more vulnerable to chemicals that can cause issues with development.

Environmental Impact
Not only are organic sheets soft and comfortable on the skin, but they also help save the environment. Organic sheet manufacturers avoid using non-renewable resources that can pollute the environment, and limits the amount of waste released. In addition, organic linens use stronger materials that are less likely to rip or wear thin, meaning they need to be replaced less often than other bedding options.

Better Sleep
If your sheets are uncomfortable or old, it can get in the way of your good night sleep. About 60 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders or deprivation, and don’t get enough sleep at night. Getting more hours of sleep is often associated with having a better well-being, with the relationship peaking at eight hours. According to a recent survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation, nine out of 10 respondents reported that having a comfortable mattress and pillows is the most important thing for getting a good night's sleep, followed by comfortable sheets and bedding. By treating yourself to a comfortable organic sheet set, you can enjoy comfortable, restful sleep that will leave you feeling happy and healthy.