​Two Flat sheets VS Fitted sheets

Posted by Linoto on 13th Mar 2018

There is a romantic idea about using and rotating two extra-large flat sheets instead of a fitted sheet. The idea is that by rotating you get more longevity from your sheets. But what is overlooked is the hassle associated with having to deal with two enormous sheets and the laborious struggle to lift a mattress, not to mention frequently waking up in a tangled unmade bed. There was a time before mattress sizes were standardized and every bed and every mattress was made to measure. Before the invention of elastic there was no way to easily keep sheets in place. The modern contour-fitted sheet with elastic is a convenient solution to the age-old drudgery of bed making. Over the years we've heard back from so many customers that tried using two flat sheets and ultimately abandoned the idea altogether.

For most people a normal sized linen flat sheet and a nicely made linen fitted sheets is ultimately much more convenient than two flat sheets.

Making a flat sheet is easy and requires far less technical skill than making a nicely fitting fitted sheet. All Linoto products are made by hand at our workshop in Westchester country. Because we manufacture our own products, Linoto we can make a fitted sheet in just about any size. Linoto is known for having an incredible range of sizes like twin, twinXL, California King, Split King, and European King size in addition to the more common queen, king, and full/double size. To make sure your Linoto linen fitted fit perfectly we perform shrinkage tests on all of of our fabrics then plug those numbers into complex shrinkage calculation tables to make sure that the cloth is cut accurately. The corners of Linoto fitted sheets are all clean finished inside and out with French seams. Sturdy 1/2" wide American made elastic is stitched in all around the hem and turned in twice for a neat and tidy hem. Linoto fitted sheets can be ordered in a standard depth of 14" or an extra deep pocket depth of 18". If you require special size or depth, please contact customer support and we will happy to assist you.