Why Do Pets Love Linen?

Posted by Linoto on 15th Nov 2021

Coming home from a long day of work to cuddle with your four-legged friend is one of the best ways to unwind. No matter how bad your day may have been, they are always happy to see you and give you comforting snuggles. Find out why snuggling them in linen sheets is the better option for cuddle time.

Natural Texture and Durability

Many pet owners come back to us after purchasing linen sheets to enthuse about the bed being their pet's new favorite lounging spot. That instinctive draw to the feel of something natural versus something synthetic is built into their animal senses, which is why resting on linen sheets provides them with comfort. Dogs and cats have an innate sense of what feels right -- a sense that is built into our biology as humans too. The Earth-based texture of linen reminds us of the comfort we might find among nature.

Linen is a great choice of fabric with pets in the home because of its durability as well as its ability to be cleaned easily. Whether you use a lint roller over linen-covered throw pillows or toss your linen sheets into the wash with an all-natural laundry soap, they are sure to clean up nicely.

Having machine-washable fabric is a great option when you have pets that enjoy snuggling up to you in your bed or on top of blankets. Not all pillow covers and fabrics are machine washable due to shrinking or damaging, but linen is durable enough to withstand a good wash.

On a rainy day, when muddy paws come running through the house, being able to easily strip sheets or dog beds is a necessity. Plus, since linen sheets require the use of sustainable laundry soaps and air-drying is recommended, your pet doesn’t have to come into contact with static, harsh cleaners and fragrances, or other irritants.

Soft and Cooling

Pets are warm-blooded animals, so they can get hot or cold easily, just like we do. Linen is a very breathable fabric that allows your pet to be cool during the warm summer months while also offering warmth during the cool winter months.

Some people think of linen as a scratchy beach fabric, but that’s only the case if it’s sourced from subpar manufacturers. Linen that is woven in Belgium or Italy by skilled craftsmen is durable with a smooth texture, perfect for lounging around. It also has less friction than other fabric options.

Allergen-Free Material

When you think of allergies, you probably think of pollen, ragweed, or food allergies. Did you know pets can have allergies, as well?

Many cotton or synthetic fibers are processed with chemicals that are too harsh for pets. This can cause allergic reactions such as respiratory problems and skin irritation. If you notice your pet is scratching when they get in bed and do not have signs of fleas, this could be a sign it’s time to switch to linen sheets.

Dogs and cats naturally get into many things both inside the home and out. The amount of dirt and bacteria they track inside is more than you think because you can’t see it.

As pet owners, you also stand to benefit greatly from it! Linen is antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial. This helps make sharing your bed and space a cleaner and safer option with pets.

With so many benefits from linen for both you and your four-legged friends, it’s time to swap alternative fabrics to linen.